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Are you tired of dealing with gaps left behind by missing teeth? Having a missing tooth is inconvenient for many reasons, so we offer stunning dental implants for our patients to restore their missing teeth. Tooth replacement can help you feel better about your smile.

Imagine having a full, beautiful smile again! A dental implant can restore your confidence, not to mention the functionality of your smile. You won’t have to worry about food getting stuck in the gaps, or bite issues that might result from missing teeth.

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You can take your future into your own hands and choose dental implants! Our high-quality dental implants can provide dream results and dream smiles.


Our experienced dentists and dental team have the skills and training to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. We strive to create a pleasant atmosphere in our office so you can feel relaxed during your appointment. Come meet our caring and friendly staff!

If you are ready for a beautiful new smile, give us a call today. We’re excited to meet you and show you how a dental implant can change your life for the better.


Do you worry about the fact that you are missing one or more teeth? When you’re missing a tooth, you might have problems with the following:

  • Food getting stuck in the gap between your teeth.
  • Teeth shifting out of place.
  • Changes in your bite.
  • Jawbone deterioration.
  • Problems eating the foods you love.
  • Whistling when you speak.

Not to mention the embarrassment you might feel about missing a tooth. You might hesitate to laugh or smile because you feel self-conscious about your appearance.

One of the more severe consequences of a missing tooth is the deterioration of your jawbone. Once you start losing bone density, the surrounding teeth become less stable. You may also start to lose bone structure, especially if you’ve been missing a tooth for a long time.


Replacing your missing tooth with a dental implant is possibly the most efficient way to restore your tooth. The implant acts like your natural teeth and gives you the strength and stability you need to start eating and speaking normally again.

Because a dental implant is a titanium post placed in your jaw, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Protection of your facial bone structure.
  • Prevention of bone density loss.
  • Bone regrowth.
  • Stable dental appliances like bridges or dentures (if applicable).
  • A full smile with a natural look.
  • Restoration of eating and speaking ability.

Dental implants are the sturdiest and strongest tooth replacement option. Each dental implant is customized to your bite and your smile so you look and feel fabulous!


We are conveniently located in the Chandler area and we love our patients. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed every time you come into our office. If you have a gap in your smile that you would like to fix with a dental implant, we can help you accomplish your new smile.

At Valley Dental Solutions, we offer:

  • High-end cosmetic dentistry.
  • Quality dental implants.
  • A professional yet fun atmosphere.
  • A knowledgeable staff with artistic cosmetic experience.
  • Caring, quality work.

Our dentists value expertise in cosmetic dentistry. Your smile is a big part of you, and our goal is to help you smile again and gain confidence in everyday life.

Our dental implant services can improve your self-confidence and self-image. We want to help you feel great about your smile, even if you’ve struggled in the past.


“I traveled from Wisconsin to meet Dr Ryan Diquattro, and it was the best decision ever! He and his staff were super friendly and did everything to calm my nerves and make me feel comfortable! I had many temporary crowns placed as well as implants done on my upper left back teeth. I would definitely recommend Valley Dental to anyone that asked and I will for sure be coming back if I need any other cosmetic dental stuff in the future! The pics below are just the temp crowns but WOW! Can’t wait to see the final!!!!!!!! Thank you Dr Diquattro!!!!”
– Melissa N.


The dental implant process is designed to give each individual unique results fitted to their needs. For that reason, each implant treatment process will be slightly different. Usually, it takes approximately 4 months to complete the process but can be longer or shorter depending on the patients’ needs.

The Steps Of The Dental Implant Process:

  • Planning: If you’re interested in a sturdy, long-lasting tooth replacement option, set up a consultation appointment with us. We’ll take some x-rays and perform a thorough jaw exam to locate implant sites. Our implant exam and jaw scan technology are advanced and accurate and will determine how to proceed with your dental implants.
  • Bone Graft: Not all patients will need a bone graft to support a dental implant. However, if a bone graft is needed it will be completed before your implant placement. A bone graft is used to strengthen your jawbone and allows for proper support of your implant.
  • Placement: A couple of weeks after your consultation appointment, you’ll come back in for your implant placement. After administering anesthesia, we’ll insert the small titanium post under your gums and into your jaw.
  • Healing: Implant surgery takes a couple of weeks to recover from and it takes even longer for the implant to become a fully integrated part of your mouth. This step is crucial to complete before we can completely restore your tooth.
  • Restoration: Roughly 3 months after your surgery, you’ll return to our office for your tooth replacement. If you’re getting one tooth replaced, we’ll put in a dental crown, or you can get a dental bridge or even a full set of dentures.
  • Follow Up: An additional appointment will be set after the crown, bridge, or dentures have been placed to evaluate your implant and recovery, and to discuss any questions or concerns you might have regarding your new implants.

Implant Dentures


Implant-supported dentures are a permanent solution for patients who have lost their upper or lower teeth. Secured to a set of titanium posts, your implant dentures will stay firmly in place and allow you to eat foods that traditional dentures do not.

Candidates for implant dentures need enough high-quality bone in their jaw. Additional procedures, such as a bone graft, may be necessary. The dentists at Valley Dental Solutions can help you determine if you qualify for implant dentures.

For patients who need a full arch of teeth replaced, Valley Dental offers a couple of implant denture solutions!

  • The All-on-4® Treatment Concept: This patented procedure involves placing just four titanium post implants on which a full set of dentures can be secured.
  • The All-on-6 Method: Like the All-on-4® Treatment Concept, All-on-6 allows us to place dentures on just six implants.

Which of these two implant denture options works for you depends on your needs, your budget, and your schedule.


Though dental implants are easily one of the most reliable tooth-replacement options, the decision to get them may not be an easy one. In your consultation with us, we’ll answer all your questions and discuss your possible treatment plans. In case there are a few questions on your mind right now, we’ll answer some common dental implant questions here.

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

When you get your tooth replaced by a dental implant from Valley Dental Solutions, you can receive the following benefits:

  • Protection for Your Other Teeth: When you lose a tooth, other teeth start to move toward the empty socket. This can ruin the alignment of your teeth and bite. A dental implant fills in the gap and stops that process.
  • Long-lasting Teeth: Each implant is a high-quality investment because it will never wear out or need to be replaced. It will be a rigid part of your jaw and can serve you well as you age.
  • A Return to Normal Life: Possibly the hardest part of losing teeth is losing the ability to speak correctly and eat what you want. With dental implants, you’ll be able to brush, floss, eat, smile, and speak normally.
  • Improved Facial Shape: A patient’s face sometimes looks older because of a missing tooth–partly because the jawbone starts to deteriorate when a tooth is missing. An implant keeps the jaw stimulated, strengthening your facial features.
  • Gum Disease Prevention: An empty socket encourages bacteria to grow. Filling in those spaces with dental implants can plug up the holes that bacteria can grow in. Keep your gums and teeth healthy with dental implants!

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of dental implant treatment varies based on:

  • The need for other treatments before implants can be placed.
  • The number of implants.
  • The type of restoration (crown, bridge, implant, etc.) desired.
  • The oral health of the patient.

Dental implants are a valuable investment for your oral health. They provide:

  • Long-lasting security.
  • Support for a variety of tooth replacement options.
  • A strong base that can withstand chewing even hard or chewy foods.

These benefits come at a price, but certainly not an undeserved one. Dental implants are crafted to be both beautiful and functional using high-quality materials to provide our patients with high-performing results.

If you have concerns, please contact us about our payment plans.

Are Dental Implants Painful?

Because dental implant placement is a surgical procedure, our team will provide you with the appropriate anesthetics to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.

After your implant surgery, you will most likely experience tenderness and swelling that can typically last around 3–5 days. Our dentist will provide you with after-care instructions for any discomfort you may feel following your procedure.

While some pain is expected after surgery, it shouldn’t last more than two weeks. If pain continues past this point you should consult our dentists.

How Long Do Implants Last?

With proper maintenance and dental hygiene, your dental implants can last for a very long time. The crown attached to the titanium post can last 10–15 years, or longer. The titanium post on which the crown is secured can last upwards of 20 years.

Regular dental visits and good oral hygiene (daily brushing and flossing) will help keep your implants looking their best. Avoid biting down or chewing on hard objects or using your teeth to tear or cut. Like your natural teeth, extensive exposure to certain foods can stain your implant crowns.

Am I A Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

The perfect candidate for dental implants will:

  • Be in good oral health.
  • Have adequate bone density to support the implant.
  • Have healthy gum tissue free of periodontal disease.
  • Receive regular dental cleanings and checkups.

Patients with low jawbone density may be able to receive a bone graft to support the implant.

We evaluate each patient individually and will discuss your personalized treatment plan. Some patients who have uncontrolled diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or blood clotting disorders may have to consider alternative treatment plans. Our dentist can give you a full evaluation and discuss your treatment options.

How Should I Prepare For Dental Implants?

To prepare for your dental implants call Valley Dental Solutions and make an appointment with our dental team. You will receive a full evaluation and personalized treatment plan. You will receive specific directions related to your procedure so you will be well prepared for your surgical placement. If needed, a bone graft will be scheduled before the implant procedure.

When scheduling your implant placement consider any downtime you may need after your procedure. Tenderness and swelling are common and generally subside within the first few days. You may want to consider taking 3–4 days post-surgery for recovery.

After placement, you won’t be able to eat many hard foods. It is a good idea to stock up on yogurts, smoothie ingredients, and juices before your procedure so you have everything you need when you come out of surgery.

Do Dental Implants Require Any Aftercare?

At the time of your surgical procedure, you’ll receive aftercare instructions. Follow our dentist’s instructions for pain relief and use ice in 15-minute increments for the first couple of days to reduce swelling and help with any pain.

You will also receive directions on how to care for your mouth as it heals and bonds with your new implant. These instructions will need to be followed until your mouth is ready to receive the restorative tooth or teeth.

At a later appointment, we’ll check your implant and restoration and answer any questions you might have regarding your implant or healing.


Stop living with gaps left behind from missing teeth! Tooth replacement can help you smile confidently, easily clean your teeth, and may even help you improve the way you talk. The dental team at Valley Dental Solutions can help you restore your beautiful smile!

Our friendly dental team and experienced dentists have the latest dental technology and training to put you at ease and give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Call our office and schedule a consultation today. We’ll help you decide if dental implants are right for you and create a personalized treatment plan to help restore your smile. Our high-quality, dental implants can provide the results you’ve been dreaming of.



Detailed Dental Imaging

Digital x-rays are the preferred method of taking x-rays in today’s world. The digital x-rays are:
  • Safer | Digital x-rays use 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays. They are safe for everyone, even those who are pregnant.
  • Immediate | X-rays make for a quick diagnosis that can give you answers and present solutions faster than ever.
  • Precise | We can also zoom in on the image to get a clearer, more precise view of any problem areas.

Professional Dental Cleaning

Harmful bacteria tend to gather in hard-to-reach places on your teeth. A professional cleaning gets deep into all the spaces to help remove plaque. Your teeth will be carefully cleaned as we clear away mineral buildup along the edges of your gums.
We’ll finish off your professional cleaning by polishing your teeth. This leaves the surfaces of your teeth smooth and feeling the ultimate clean!
These cleanings are extremely important. If plaque and tartar are allowed to stay, they can cause serious problems including tooth decay and gum disease.

Examining Your Teeth and Gums

After the hygienist makes your teeth shine, one of our dentists will step in and give your mouth a comprehensive exam.
When we examine your mouth, we don’t just check for cavities. We also look for any early signs of oral cancer or symptoms of gum disease. This process is one of the most effective things we can do to protect your oral health from oral issues.
We can also use the information from your exam to predict future problems you’ll have. This way we can take steps to prevent those issues or prepare to meet them as necessary.


After your appointment, we’ll discuss your overall oral health and what next steps might be best for you.

Our general recommendations for good oral health include:
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day.
  • Flossing at least once a day.
  • Avoiding biting on hard objects like ice cubes or pencil ends.
  • Using a mouthwash with fluoride.
We want you to have a beautiful and healthy smile and that means giving you all the tools you need to be successful including tailored advice for your mouth and health.


General dentistry is all about preventing oral issues that can be painful, debilitating, and expensive to treat. While Valley Dental Solutions can do a lot to help with that, so can you! Setting a daily routine for yourself can make a big difference.

Just like you need to wash your hair regularly, your mouth needs personal hygiene too. You’ll want to make sure you’re keeping it clear of bacteria as much as possible.


Brush twice a day, first thing in the morning and before bed. This gets rid of all the bacteria that develop while you sleep and the food remnants from your meals during the day. Make sure to get all of the surfaces of your teeth, and don’t forget to brush your tongue!


Floss at least once a day at bedtime. This helps you get all the food out of the cracks between your teeth so bacteria doesn’t have any leftovers to snack on while you’re sleeping. Flossing is one of the best things you can do to prevent gum disease.


Rinse with mouthwash. After flossing, food and plaque debris can still be floating around your mouth. Rinsing with mouthwash can wash out those particles and leave your mouth clean and fresh. Many mouthwashes strengthen and protect your teeth against harmful bacteria.

Dental Exams And Professional Cleanings

Visit our office every six months. While brushing and flossing at home are both helpful and necessary for good oral health, only a deeper cleaning can continue to get rid of tartar and plaque. We also polish your teeth after a cleaning so they shine and feel smooth.


Visiting a dentist every six months is important for your oral health, but sometimes dental concerns arise between visits. Below are other concerns that should be examined and diagnosed by a dentist.

Red, Tender, Swollen, or Receding Gums

Many of these symptoms point to gum disease, a common yet serious issue that needs to be addressed quickly. There are regenerative gum disease treatments that can bring back your oral health.

Ongoing Toothache

Persistent achy teeth can signify a tooth infection. Regenerative root canal therapy can remove the infected tissue from inside a tooth with advanced technology and provide relief for toothaches.

Loose Permanent Teeth

Only baby teeth should fall out. If you start to notice that a permanent tooth has come loose, that is a dental concern. Dentists can diagnose and treat underlying issues and possibly save your tooth.

Unusual Tooth Sensitivity

It’s normal to feel some sensitivity to extremely hot or cold foods, but if this sensation becomes extremely painful or occurs frequently, there may be an underlying issue like a cavity or infection.

Jaw Pain

Some headaches and jaw aches are due to nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism) or issues with the TMJ. The temporomandibular joint is susceptible to injury, but many TMJ disorders are easily treated.

Persistent Mouth Sores

Mouth sores that keep returning or won’t go away could be a symptom of allergies, disease, or even cancer. Getting these sores looked at by a dentist can get you treatment and peace of mind.

Dry Mouth

Saliva is important to keeping your mouth clean and helping you break down food. You may experience dry mouth if you sleep with your mouth open or if you have issues with your saliva glands.

Persistent Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath can be caused by:

  • Improper dental hygiene.
  • Eating a diet poor in nutrients.
  • Dry mouth, often from sleep apnea.
  • Gingivitis or advanced gum disease.
  • Liver or kidney infections or diseases.


Taking care of your teeth during pregnancy is an essential part of good oral health. Your hormone levels change drastically and can put you at risk for gum disease, halitosis, and other issues.


Visiting a dentist every six months is important for your oral health, but sometimes dental concerns arise between visits. Below are other concerns that should be examined and diagnosed by a dentist.


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